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Why Develop An App With Frenchy?

With the majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile presence is vital to keeping your users engaged and your stakeholders happy. Frenchy Digital will work with you to identify your company’s unique strengths and determine the best way to showcase through effective mobile app development.

iOS & Android apps
Enterprise apps
Cross-platform apps
Decentralized Applications ( Dapps)

iOS App Development Services

Full-Stack iPhone App Development Company in Los Angeles California.

Our team of iOS developers are unmatched in creating beautiful, high-end, and scalable iPhone applications. Scroll down to see how we can help you break into Apple’s incredible app ecosystem.

Let's Go!

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs, are created with web development languages such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. They are often mistaken for Hybrid apps due to the cross-platform nature and the similarities in development languages. Our web application development services can even produce apps that have enhanced offline functionality. PWAs are also an excellent choice for enterprise application development as they can be used across devices and do not require downloads or device-level storage.

Create an App that's SEXY, & Works.

You want your users to have a nice experience using your app. A great experience makes them feel like all their wishes will be granted!🧞

# 1
Workshops and Ideation

Taking time to polish up the value proposition and understand the user is necessary to ensure the solid foundation of the business concept.

Product Design

Our designers refine the wireframes and translate the rest of the user stories into a visual interface adopting a user-first approach.

Usability Testing

The concept and prototype are tested on suitable personas gathering feedback for UX and UI adjustments.

Application Development

We combine test-driven development (TDD) and agile approach to ensure a smooth development process that will quickly react to market needs.

Application Maintenance

All up until the launch and offboarding, we continuously observe the product’s performance. Technologies get outdated, security threats need to be mitigated, and your solution must be ready to face huge numbers of users. So we are there every step of the way.

Time to upgrade!

Seeing real users interact with the product makes it easier to plan the next business development steps, prioritize new features and build a long term roadmap. V1+V2+V3, and so on and so forth!

Why do we love developing Mobile Apps in React Native or Flutter?

A Mature toolset
on all web platforms
If it can be easily viewed on the web, that makes for it a very usable interface.
The Utmost
Highest performance, Truly
This is in comparison to ther technologies that can't function in different environments.
Capabilities to bridge between itself and purely native code
Native code is easiest to edit, code, fix and helps overall stability in the project.
Large community
More and more users prefer a one size fits all model for coding, applications are becoming more one with the force.
Short compilation time
Cutting development time in half for 2 different platforms 9 iOS and Android) is a game changer for certain small businesses.
The Chosen One
One programming language between the whole project. Parlez vous code?

"The Frenchy's are the best partners to have for your mobile app development needs"

- Greg Grillz CEO,

Conversion Optimisation
Return on investment

*Greg and Partner JuJu Smith Schuster, NFL  Football Player

Quality ensuring mobile development practices 1-4.

#1 TDD - test driven development

With tools like Detox and React Native testing library, we can achieve close to 100% code coverage.

#3 CI/CD

With the support of Github & CircleCi solutions, we do automation of tests and releases of applications.

We've launched over 100+ web, mobile, and desktop software across the globe.


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