Navigating the App Stores

Navigating the App Stores Should Be Easy In 2023, Let's Show You How.
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Navigating the App Store: A Comprehensive Guide to App Submission and Optimization in 2023

In the digital age of 2023, mobile apps are no longer just an add-on but have become a necessity for businesses and individuals alike. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two main gateways that bring these applications to users worldwide. This article provides an in-depth understanding of the app submission process and the critical success factors within these platforms. We will also explore the art of optimizing app titles, descriptions, keywords, and screenshots, and share some essential tips on leveraging the App Store algorithm to maximize discoverability and downloads.

The App Submission Process

Submitting your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store is a meticulous process12. Each platform has its specific prerequisites3.

For Apple App Store:

You must start by familiarizing yourself with the Apple Store Review guidelines4. Once your project aligns with these guidelines and you have a valid Apple Developer Program account5, you can submit your app. The review usually takes 1-2 business days2. However, it's important to note that this doesn't take into account any potential revisions by the Apple Store submission team. If your app falls under a new or uncommon category, you'll need to collaborate with them to ensure its approval. The standard of a mere 2 business days no longer applies, despite what they may claim. Based on our experience of submitting multiple apps in the past year, the process varies for each project. Certain apps took over 3 weeks to receive final approval from Apple, as they provided specific details for us to address. During this process, it's crucial to maintain both awareness and patience. It may be disheartening at times, but it shouldn't deter you from submitting your app.But this isn't counting if there are revisions by the apple store submission team. You'll have to work with them in order to get your app approved if it falls into a category of App that is new or not as common. Simply speaking, 2 Business days is definitely not the standard anymore even though they may say so. Having submitted multiple Apps within the last 12 months. The process varied per project. Certain Apps took over 3 weeks to get the final approval by apple after they sent us details to specify or rectiy. Be aware and patient during this process as it may discourage but sholdn't stop the submission process.

For instance, the popular game 'Among Us' had initially faced rejection from Apple due to minor issues6. It was only after rectifying them that they could launch successfully.

App Among Us, now available with wearable technology

For Google Play Store:

Google Play allows you to track your app submission status through Google Play Console1. The review process can take up to seven days or longer1. Based on our recent submissions using React technology, it has been observed that it is generally shorter compared to apple. Enhancing the writing quality involves optimizing word choice, sentence structure, readability, and eloquence, while preserving the original meaning.

An example here would be 'Flappy Bird', which was removed from the store due to copyright issues7. So, ensuring your app adheres to all guidelines is crucial.

Flappy Bird Removed from App Store

App Optimization Techniques

Once your app goes live, the next step is App Store Optimization (ASO), enhancing your app's visibility, discoverability, and downloads. ASO involves optimizing your app's title, description, keywords, and screenshots8.

App Title and Description

The app title and description are your first impression to users. They should be catchy and informative. Include relevant keywords in the title and description for improved search ranking8.

For example, the app 'Headspace: Meditation & Sleep' uses relevant keywords in its title itself9.

Headspace App - Rights to images reserved to owners of Headspace


Choosing the right keywords can significantly boost your app's discoverability. Tools like Sensor Tower or AppTweak can help you find keywords with high search volumes10.


Screenshots give potential users an insight into your app's interface and functionality. Ensure they are high-quality and highlight your app's best features8.

A good example is 'Uber', which uses crisp screenshots to showcase its app functionality11.

Leveraging the App Store Algorithm

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store use algorithms to rank apps. Understanding these algorithms helps increase your app's visibility and downloads. Factors like the app title, description, keywords, number of downloads, ratings, and reviews impact your app's ranking8. Tools like StoreMaven can help optimize your app store presence12.

The Algorithm of ART - Designed by Frenchy Designers using AI

Best Practices for Each Store

While both stores have many similarities, significant differences exist in terms of metadata requirements, Insights analytics, review management, etc21.

Apple App Store allows developers to respond to user reviews, improving your app's rating and user relationship13. Google Play Store, on the other hand, provides detailed insights analytics, giving developers a deeper understanding of their app's performance1.

In conclusion, successful navigation of the app store requires understanding the submission process, leveraging optimization techniques, and staying updated with trends and regulations. By doing so, you can enhance your app's visibility, discoverability, and ultimately, its success.

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